Announcing a Strategic Partnership with CryptoTask

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with CryptoTask, the biggest decentralized freelancing marketplace in the world, growing 11.5% Month-over-Month, where people can find the best-matching professionals for their needs, and freelancers can seek jobs or microtasks and get paid instantly.

With over 35,000 active users, and a set of value propositions that were promoted in major media formats across the globe such as Forbes and VentureBeat, their peer-to-peer freelancing platform offers automated instant payout settlement, very low fees, no fake or hidden freelancers’ rates, and a review system which is stored on the blockchain.

CryptoTask brand was featured in major media formats across the globe (Whitepaper)

Through this strategic partnership, CryptoTask will help Bitpower community recruit premium talent and potential BPT development grant holders in the future, offering BPP core team exclusive user benefits, and Bitpower will help CryptoTask grow its brand and expand its reach in the market. What is more, through the aforementioned cooperation, both communities will explore potential future collaboration opportunities between CryptoTask and Bit Alliance DAO managed by Mimir Solutions and consider expanding their product line together.

As a testament to their growth, it is important to mention that CryptoTask has received an investment from Aaeternity Ventures and acquired the biggest central EU freelance job market, Their TAM (total addressable market) is $1.5T, with North America making 50% of world freelancers at 77 million.

This is important news for both Bitpower and CryptoTask as it represents the beginning of a new chapter for the growth of our communities and ecosystem. Follow us on Twitter for more news and updates and make sure to follow CryptoTask via their official Twitter page and join their Telegram community.


DISCLAIMER: By reading this article or analyzing its content, you confirm hereby that you are not a U.S. citizen/permanent resident/representing U.S. company or citizen/permanent resident/representing Company of any jurisdiction, or other countries such as the People’s Republic of China or Japan, where the purchase of Bitpower ($BPP) or Bitpayer ($BPT) or CryptoTask tokens is illegal, restricted or requires special accreditation. If any of the above is the case, you should not read this article, follow the Bitpower/Bitpayer/BitAlliance project or participate in any activities related to them. Furthermore, you should consult your local regulators about digital assets and the risks and benefits of investing in them via regulated exchanges.

All the aforementioned growth and other statistics are presented by the CryptoTask team — make sure to always do your own research before supporting any brands or investing in any products or services.

Bitpower community should do their research about CryptoTask. Collaboration between these two brands is not an endorsement of CryptoTask or its products or services. It is also not financial advice or a suggestion to engage with their products or services — do your research and make decisions at your own risk.

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